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Trademark Usage Guidelines – Non-Licensee

Epic has built a portfolio of valuable trademarks, service marks, logos, and designs that it needs to protect for the good of the Epic community. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist you in properly using Epic’s trademarks in specific instances that we permit and to ensure your use of Epic’s trademarks are accurate, fair, and not misleading. These guidelines do not constitute a trademark license and are not comprehensive instructions for using Epic’s trademarks in accordance with the law.

You’re an Epic Customer? Please see the Trademark Usage Guidelines for Epic Customers on the Epic UserWeb.

Epic Trademarks and Service Marks: Please see the Epic Trademark List.

Tips and Approved Uses:

  • Attribute the ownership of any used Epic trademark(s) to Epic. For example: Epic, MyChart, Care Everywhere, and Healthy Planet are trademarks of Epic Systems Corporation.
  • Be clear when using an Epic trademark that it is an Epic trademark by setting it apart from surrounding text in some way, such as by bolding or italicizing the Epic trademark, or using the appropriate trademark symbol following the first or most prominent use of the Epic trademark.
  • Match the Epic trademark with the software or service with which it is associated. For example, use MyChart in conjunction with Epic’s patient portal rather than Care Everywhere. If you’re unsure, ask Epic.
  • Check for accurate spelling, form, and style. Some tricky ones, for example: Care Everywhere – not “CareEverywhere”, MyChart – not “My Chart”, Epic – not “EPIC” or “Epic Systems”.
  • Do not use an Epic trademark in a way that is defamatory, misleading, or objectionable.
  • Be careful not to combine Epic trademarks with any other product names, trademarks, logos, social media profiles, or domain names – and don’t use any brand name, domain name, or logo that imitates or could be confused with an Epic trademark.
  • Do not use Epic Marks in a way that could cause anyone to wrongly believe that your company, products, or services are endorsed, certified, or sponsored by Epic, or affiliated with Epic or its products and services.
  • Do not seek to register any mark that includes an Epic trademark or may be confusingly similar to an Epic trademark.
    Use Epic trademarks only in accordance with applicable law.

Watch for Updates. From time to time, Epic may release updated versions of the Trademark List, these guidelines, and related policies.

Requests for Permission. Any goodwill generated by your use of Epic Marks inures exclusively to Epic’s benefit. Provided you follow these guidelines, you may make limited fair use of Epic Marks in referring to our company, software, or services without Epic’s permission. All other uses are prohibited except by express written permission from Epic, requested in advance, which Epic may grant or deny in its discretion. To request permission or to inquire about these guidelines, please contact