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A Centralised, Connected Digital Home for Community Care in the U.K.

RDUH is streamlining transfers of care by making care plans and assessments available in real time, enabling clinicians to send real-time messages about patient care, and improving the speed and visibility of referrals.

Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (RDUH) unified its community services and acute care providers on a single electronic patient record (EPR). This integration supports care coordination across settings and serves as a successful model for other trusts in the U.K.

How They Did It:

  • Implemented a single, integrated electronic patient record for community and acute care clinicians
  • Leveraged Epic’s home care mobile application to allow documentation of visits on the go
  • Gave clinicians access to Secure Chat so they could message other members of the care team
  • Created a network of knowledgeable staff across Devon to support change management and standardise workflows

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