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Actionable, Accessible Genetic Data Makes Personalized Medicine Possible

TriHealth patients undergoing cancer treatment receive the benefits of precision medicine because clinicians can easily order and use genomic tests. In just one year, treatment plans for more than 760 patients have been updated with personalized recommendations.

Genomic sequencing developments have the potential to enhance clinical care, but the use of genomic data in treatment is still impeded by limited genetic literacy among clinicians, a shortage of genetic counselors, and the rapid evolution of the genomic knowledge base.

TriHealth’s oncology leaders are working to address some of these barriers so clinicians can use genomic data to its fullest potential and order genomic tests for every patient who might benefit from them. Central to their efforts is the integration of their Tempus testing workflows with Epic. Tempus, based in Chicago, offers providers comprehensive precision oncology testing that can be ordered from the EHR to help them understand the molecular drivers of a patient’s cancer and consider biomarker-driven therapy or clinical trials.

Because TriHealth made discrete genomic data in Epic available for downstream reporting and clinical decision support, the cancer center can better track outcomes. For example, each oncology patient who undergoes tumor profiling is found to be eligible for three clinical trials on average. In addition, 43% of tests identify an FDA-approved treatment based on the biomarkers in the patient’s tumor.

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