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Welcome to the Barn. Where work becomes a delightful countryside journey! This not-so-typical office building houses over 300 employees who trot into their charming “Stalls” each day, ready to gallop through the fields of productivity.

From the outside, it’s a rustic and picturesque structure that blends seamlessly with the surrounding farmland. But don’t be fooled by the quaint exterior; inside, a bustling hive of innovation and collaboration awaits. Here, instead of hay, you’ll find brilliant ideas stacked higher than bales, and instead of horses, the most spirited minds racing to create cutting-edge solutions for the healthcare industry.

Perched on the edge of our working farm, the Barn boasts stunning views that rival even the finest pastoral paintings. As you peep through the office windows, you might spot a cow happily grazing or a goat jumping over to supervise a brainstorming session. It’s not your ordinary workplace.